Badger Color formulates color for many different markets from packaging to architectural to automotive and everything in between. We understand that the color of your product and your product’s package are critical. Color is the first thing customers notice about your product. The more noticeable the color, the more likely it is that your customers will pick your product over the competitor’s. Badger Color is committed to providing molders with the most advanced and vibrant colors available. We are constantly refining our processes to match the color you want with the material you’ve chosen. We have an on-site color matching room that can simulate the different lighting conditions your product will appear under. This allows you to specify the exact color you want your product to have under the exact lighting conditions in which it will appear.

It is not uncommon for Badger Color to receive an urgent request from customers seeking assistance with a difficult color match. Oftentimes, several submissions have already been received from other color suppliers only to be rejected. Word is out that Badger Color is your best chance to hit that difficult target. Badger Color is often asked for by name, by many of the larger plastic specifiers because they understand our commitment not only to quality, but also to service and timeliness. We will work with you to make sure that a project is done on time and exceeds your expectations.

We customize our colors to run with any process, allowing your molders to concentrate on their specialties without having to worry about a low-quality color formula that’s going to “gum up the works”. With Badger Color, you can be sure that the color you want is the color you will get. We will work with any process, in any medium, in any quantity. In short, we will provide the results you want, when you want them.