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Industrial color

The industrial color market covers a wide range of businesses including manufacturing, construction, logistics and transportation, technology, and professional services.

Industrial purchases involve higher stakes and longer buying cycles compared to consumer purchases. Decisions are often based on factors like technical specifications, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The strategic use of industrial color can help companies in this market segment in the following ways:

Looking inside drivers side door at black interior of car
  • Color is an effective way to help differentiate products visually, making them stand out from competitors. A unique color scheme or specific hue associated with high performance or reliability can attract attention and create brand recognition. 
  • Color plays a crucial role in safety protocols within industrial settings. Bright colors like red, orange, and yellow are used for highlighting safety hazards, emergency equipment, or specific control panels. Color coding pipes, wires, or machinery components can improve visual identification and reduce operating errors.
  • Similar to consumer brands, consistent use of specific colors in marketing materials, product design elements, and even company uniforms can build brand identity and recognition within the industrial market. Choosing colors associated with strength, precision, or innovation can communicate brand values and resonate with target audiences.

Badger Color Concentrates manufactures a wide range of custom solutions, and we have the right material for your industrial color needs.

Color trends in the industrial industry evolve over time and keeping up with these trends can help companies market their products effectively.