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Sustainable Colors Solutions

Partnering with you, to color a brighter, more sustainable future in plastics.

An integral part of Badger Color Concentrates is our portfolio of environmentally friendly masterbatch and liquid products. Badger Color Concentrates is committed to contributing sustainable colors to a circular economy.

NIR-Detectable Black

NIR-Detectable Black

Carbon black pigment is commonly used to color many plastics. Unfortunately, it also makes the plastic “invisible” at the Material Sorting Facilities (MRFs), absorbing the infrared signature. The equipment uses NIR (Near Infrared) to properly identify the type of plastic and divert it to the proper recycling stream (PP, PE, PET, Other). Plastics that are unidentifiable often end up in landfills or incinerators.

How Badger Color can Help:

Our NIR detectible black formulas are designed to be clearly seen by detection systems, allowing the part to be diverted into the proper stream. What would typically end up in a landfill now can be recycled.

  • Excellent mixing/distribution
  • Lower Carbon Footprint of the plastic part
  • Formulations available for all commonly used plastics (PE, PP, PET, and others)
  • Available in Liquid and Pellet concentrates
  • Suitable for Food Contact Applications

Our NIR Detectable Black concentrates have received positive results using APR protocols. Testing was performed through several key companies supplying optical sorting machines to recycling facilities in the US and throughout Europe.

Color Concentrates for PCR

Badger Color Concentrates extensive work with Post Consumer(PCR), Post Industrial(PIR), PLA, Biobased and other future resins provide you with the knowledge to navigate color and additive needs for today and tomorrow’s polymers.

PCR Carriers

When 100% PCR resin in your part is just not enough. Increase your recycled content with PCR Carriers. Badger Colors Concentrates have custom PCR Carriers for your needs.

Bio-degradable or Compostable

With more awareness of standard polymers’ environmental impact, it is imperative that our color and additive concentrates are suitable for the ever-growing demand in Bio-degradable and compostable applications. Utilizing renewal resources. 

Bio-degradable or Compostable

Colored for Recyclability

Moving to a circular economy must be a team effort. That is why Badger Color partners with customers to help meet recyclability guidelines outlined in the APR Design Guide as requested.

Together we can color a brighter, more sustainable future in plastics.