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Types of Additives for Specific Industry Needs

Badger Color offers a variety of custom additive solutions to enhance your product or your process. We can incorporate these additive technologies into a color concentrate, or as a standalone additive concentrate. Learn more about our other advanced color solutions.

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Anti Fog

Industries - Packaging, Agriculture

When visibility is critical, anti-fog additives can create clarity, reduce surface imperfections, and increase transparency.


Industries - Packaging

Prevents products from inappropriately sticking to surfaces, most commonly occurring when two pieces of film are pressed together. In addition, antiblock additives can improve the production process and performance when blocking is present.


Industries - Packaging, Agriculture, Building Construction

The growth of microbes can cause unsightly discoloration, odors, and polymer degradation. Antimicrobial additive concentrate in the final product can work continuously to resist, inhibit and prevent the growth of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and algae.


Industries - Consumer, Industrial, Building Materials

Inhibit degradation caused by heat, oxygen, and light conditions, preserving polymers' appearance and physical properties.

Antistatic agents

Industries - Packaging, Automotive

Reduce static change on the surface of the final part, which minimizes dust pickup, electric charge (an explosion hazard), and improves processing efficiency.

Blowing Agent

Industries - Building Materials

This reactive additive releases gases through a gas foaming process for the primary purpose of density reduction. Saving raw material, improving noise and heat insulation, weight reduction, and elimination of sink marks on injection molded parts.

Flame Retardant

Industries - Automotive, Building, Electrical

Reducing the harmful effects of burning plastic and gaining valuable time for damage mitigation.


Industries - Packaging, Consumer Goods

Create a unique sensorial experience with scent. Whether added to mask unpleasant odors, repel rodents and insects, or attract consumers with a smell that engages them with your product, we can offer it all.

Laser Marking

Industries - Building Materials, Packaging, Agriculture

Create permanent markings on polymer components with speed and clarity.

Matting Agents

Industries - Packaging

Reduce the gloss and develop a matte or frost-like effect to make the part more aesthetically pleasing.

Mold release

Industries - Packaging, Consumer Goods

Reduce the friction between the mold and polymer. Increase cycle time and reduces scuffing

Nucleating Agents

Industries - Packaging, Consumer Goods

Improve processing speed, dimensional stability, and physical properties in molding or extruded products. (helps control the crystallization of the resin)

Optical Brighteners

Industries - Packaging, Consumer Goods

Fluorescent whitening agents, also called optical brighteners, work via a fluorescent mechanism that absorbs light in the UV spectrum and emits light in the blue region of the visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance.

Processing Aids

Industries - Packaging

Improve productivity and quality while reducing production costs with a custom processing aid. 


Industries - Packaging

Creating lubrication to enhance and reduce handling problems.

UV Stabilizer

Industries - Agriculture, Packaging, Automotive, Durable Goods

Protect the color and polymer, extending the useful life of products exposed to the damaging effects of sunlight and other sources of UV radiation.