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Our dedicated team provides complete service from concept, design, trial, production to market launch.

We are with you every step of the way.

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Specified Color

At Badger Color Concentrates, we provide a comprehensive color development service resulting in color consistency from part to part throughout your product launch. In addition, Badger Color Concentrates provides a color development manager for the launch of your product who will:

  • Collect necessary information to ensure the success of the color match – molder, resin, part thickness, etc.
  • Provide simple but accurate project worksheets on the status of all colors, including the match and sample history of a color.
  • Submit color chips, blown bottles, or cap molds to assist with the evaluation of your color.
  • Maintain close communication with you and your suppliers during the color development/approval process to ensure the flow of information and accuracy of the project's color requirements.

The technical background, knowledge of special effects pigments, and color concentrate expertise of the Badger Color team are just a few of the reasons Badger Color's Specifier Program has been successful. Badger Color's experience in the Personal Care and Cosmetic Packaging industry has taught us to respect our customers' critical timing and color accuracy needs. In addition, it enables us to maintain an in-depth understanding of the industry's molders and their unique requirements.

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