Special Effects

Badger Color uses a variety of special effects to help your products stand out from the competitions:

Pearlescent Pigments

Pearlescents offer a luster to glittering effect achieved through controlling the sizes of mica platelets.

Metallic Pigments

Metallics can be used to create effects from fine metallic sheens to large glitter effects

Optical Variable Pigments

The 3-dimensional structure creates very unique “color travel” interference effects, giving multiple iridescent color changes as the observation angle changes.

Borosilicate Pigments

Borosilicates create high shimmer, reflectivity, and multi-color effects

Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent Pigments create vivid, bright, neon looking colors

Phosphorescent Pigments

Phosphorescents create glow-in-the-dark colors

Thermochromatic Pigments

Thermochromatics are used to create temperature changing colors

Photochromatic Pigments

Photochromatics create light changing colors

Marbles, Granites

Edge Glows